Online DPSI Distance Learning Course

For anyone not able to take on a full time DPSI course, we have crafted an exceptional Online DPSI course for our students. We cater for students all over the UK, and have a great track record at helping our student pass. Our course is highly recommended by Capita, with whom we have a professional trusted partnership status.

Our Online DPSI Course is Approved by Capita. We’re their trusted DPSI Partner.

We have DPSI tutors at the college whom provide the DPSI course to our full time students, and by taking the online course with us you will be able to communicate with these tutors via phone, skype or e-mail. We cater for all languages.

As an online student you are still welcome at the college at any time by booking an appointment via our principal. We have 3 state of the art class rooms and several study areas, and Central Perk is just next door if you need a great cup of coffee! Really.

If you’re already working full-time, or are otherwise unable to attend our college premises on a regular basis, the Online Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) provides an ideal way for you to attain the qualification. We’ve been running the course for many years, and the success rates of our students is high.

Contact us about our Online DPSI course today. It’s an ideal qualification for those who work, or aspire to work, in one of these areas:

  • Law: immigration, the courts, solicitors, police
  • Health: hospitals, GP’s, clinics
  • Local Government: education, housing, social work

Full Time Course Price

Students can start the DPSI course at any time of year.
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What are the benefits of DPSI?

It is an <a href=”/web/20160824165414/” target=”_blank”>Ofqual</a> accredited, fully recognised interpreting qualification

It gains you exemptions for the DPI qualification

It helps improve your career prospects as an interpreter. You may:

  • Use the title ‘DPSI’ after your name
  • Become a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists
  • Get listed on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI)